Saturday Not in the Park

It’s the last day of January, and it’s literally the nicest Chico day anybody could ask for. I’ve spent most of the morning focused on school work, catching up on reading, and doing a little writing for one of my classes. I also made a classic bacon, egg, and toast breakfast for my little family. Today that consists of my girlfriend and her little sister, who went to the Park about an hour ago. I would usually never pass up an opportunity to be outside on a day like this, but I’m pretty sure if I don’t get as much reading and writing and studying done before I go to work tonight, the same thing will happen Sunday before I go to work. And I just can’t afford to do that. So instead I’ll stay here next to the open window with a laptop or book open, enjoying the breeze through the window screen.

This is my first post of the semester on my new blog site. So far I haven’t really known what to write about. I feel like over the years I’ve introduced myself so many times through writing, and although I’ve tried to be creative at times, they typically all sound about the same.

Hi my name’s Travis, I’m an English Ed major, I love to read and like to write. My greatest passion, other than devotion to my loved ones, is teaching. I come from a family of teachers and coaches, and as long as I can remember I’ve aspired to spread knowledge as a profession. It goes without saying that I love school, and everything it stands for. Although I’m definitely ready to graduate from Chico State and start my next journey as a teacher at some middle or high school here in my beloved California, I believe that every well rounded person has to remain a student throughout their life. Never stop learning from others, and seeking knowledge for yourself. Never stop asking questions about the world and why things happen. Always try to be aware of the past, and prepare for a future that is truly endless in possibilities.

This semester I feel that I’m at the threshold of my future as a teacher. I’m a writing mentor for an awesome course at Chico State that allows me to work closely with an amazing group of freshman. It feels great to be really facilitating learning in our class meetings and workshops. Although it’s definitely a new process and I have a lot to learn about being a good mentor still, I think that in the next few weeks our group will really come together. Hopefully my effort and advice as a mentor will be a huge factor in all of their success in the course. That’s my big focus for the semester. I’ve thought about my role as a mentor, and what I can do to be effective, as much as all of my other courses combined. And I’m getting graded in all of those!

That speaks to where my head’s at right now though. I’m ready to take that next step, and I have been for some time. That’s why I’m here at my desk writing this blog, instead of strolling through Bidwell. I’m thinking about my classes, the students in my group, my future as a teacher, and the how it’s all pointing in the same direction, at just the right trajectory. I couldn’t be more excited about this semester and what it has in store. But right now I’ve got to think about what’s best for me at this moment, and that’s some fresh air. I’ll get back to reading and writing in about forty-five minutes when I finish a nice run around the neighborhood. It’s not Bidwell Park but no run is a bad run.

One thought on “Saturday Not in the Park

  1. You can definitely see that you have a background of leadership in your family (coaches and teacher). You’re very good at explaining things and clear and patient when trying to help others trying to find a new topic to talk on for the rest of the semester. I love that you are such a great mentor because of the effort you provide for our group, you truly help us ! Thanks for helping us become better writers.


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